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  1. Aashna Mansata  - A Consolidated Public Health Law In India: The Need Of The Hour

  2. Aishik Chakraborty, Pascal Sasil R - Dropping Press Freedom In India: The Timeline And Peculiar Indian Issues

  3. Akanksha - Tale Of Post Colonial India

  4. Anant Singh, Pooja Singh - Death Of Prisoners

  5. Anubhuti Goel - Right To Development And The Constitution

  6. Aparna Gupta, Chandrika Dutta , Aditi Palit - No Specific Topic Mentioned But Manuscript Talks About Banking Sector And White Label Atms (Check)

  7. Aprajita Mishra - An Overview Of The Air Carrier Liability

  8. Apurva Mehta - Burden Of Proof And Reverse Burden Of Proof: A Comparative Analysis With Special Focus On Dowry Death

  9. Aryaknath Bhattacharya, Siddharth Addy - Musical Industry In The Resonance Of Copyright Law

  10. Ashwin Singh - Environmental Determinism: A Critical Analysis

  11. Ayush Mishra - Taking Equity Seriously: In Context Of Remedies For Breach Of Trust

  12. Brijesh Devi - Exigency Of CSR During The Covid-19 Pandemic

  13. Chandan Kumar - Right Of Maintenance To Women In Live-In Relationships- A Critical Comment On Indra Sarma V V.K.V Sarma

  14. Debby Jain - PM Cares Fund: Need, Scheme And Concerns

  15. Devam Singh, Snehil Singh - The Amelioration Of Juvenile Justice In India

  16. Dharvi Talwar - Role Of Fundamental Duties In Nation Building

  17. Dikshant Tomar, Garima Singh - Pandemic Led Litigation: An Era Of E-Courts In India

  18. Farzin Naz - Indian Legal Framework And Groundwater Management

  19. Gaurav S. Gawande - Lost In Chaos: Will The Parliamentary Democracy Sustain With An Increasingly Disruptive Parliament?

  20. Harsh Arya - A Study Of Patent System In India In Light To Patent Corporation Treaty

  21. Ishita Jain - The Constitution (103rd Amendment) Act, 2019: A Fraud On The Constitution?

  22. Jyoti Prakash Dutta, Rajalaxmi Mohanty  - Mukesh Singh V. State (Narcotic Branch Of Delhi): A Verdict Per Incuriam

  23. Kriti Ramudamu - India’s Role As A Welfare State In Light Of Novel Corona Virus Pandemic

  24. Kshitij Gautam, Sarika Maurya - Human Manual Scavenging – A Practice Of Denied Of Rights

  25. Kumari Nisha, Mummadi Jahnavi - Mandatory Arbitration, Limitation On Party Autonomy Principle And Effect Of Arbitral Award On Non-Signatories

  26. Kushagra Sinha, Khushi Agrawal, Ashish Vijay - Impact Of Covid-19 On Indian Economy – A Study

  27. Madhurya Deekonda, Kothwal Srithija Reddy - Implementation Of Whistle- Blowing Laws In India: The Need Of The Hour?

  28. Manik Mahajan - Rajni Hariom Sharma Vs. Union Of India And Another

  29. Mayuri Kalelkar - Veering Corruption: Decriminatlisation And Disclosure

  30. Medhiyaa Ramesh, Subhashini Srinivasan - Legal Implications Of Lgbt – An Analytical Study

  31. Mohd Suboor - Analyzing The Indian Legislations In Wake Of Covid-19

  32. Mrinal Pradhan, Geethika Satti - Regulation Of Ott Platforms In India: Concurrences And Contrasts

  33. Murtaza S. Noorani - Conflict Of Law And Choice Of Law In Digital Era In Lieu Of Jurisdiction

  34. Naveen Saju, Greeshma B Raj - Environmental Skepticism And Human Life

  35. Neha Jain - God, Save The Judiciary

  36. Neha Virmani - Situtation Of Uyghur Minority Community Of China

  37. Nguyen Mau Hung     - The Legalization Of E-Commerce Activities In The Online Public Service Sector According To The Basic Principles Of The Market Mechanism In Vietnam

  38. Nikita Das - Right To Privacy In The Era Of Paparazzi

  39. Nishida Tirpude - Future Of Basic Structure & Essential Features Of Indian Constitution

  40. Nishtha Gupta - Legality Of Internet Shut Down In A Democracy

  41. Palvi Sharma, Aruna Rani - A Critical Analysis On Obscenity

  42. Pankaj Kumar - Endogamy And Freedom Of Choice In India

  43. Piyush Patel  - Cyber Law Vis-À-Vis Procedural Law: A Critical Analysis

  44. Piyush Patel - Cyber Space – Issues And Challenges

  45. Priyanka Chemudupati, Swetalana Rout - Police? Or A Criminal?

  46. Rimjhim Sharma - Cybercrime In India: A Detailed Analysis

  47. Rishab Bhandari, Sandeep Rana - PIL And Judicial Activism In India

  48. Rishi Raj Mukherjee , Shubhank Patel - Vineeta Sharma v. Rakesh Sharma: A Step Towards Gender Equality

  49. Ritwick Shrivastav - Sentencing Policy: From Unguided To Guided Discretion

  50. Riya Gulati - Interplay Of Competition Regulator And Patent Authority

  51. Roopam Dadhich, Pranshu Gupta - The Executive Unbound: After The Madisonian Republic- Eric A. Posner & Adrian Vermeule

  52. Rukhsaar Dhaliwal, Vanshika Tuteja - Insanity: Prognosis To Defence

  53. S. Kushi - Justice P.N. Bhagwati: Torchbearer Of Indian Legal Realism

  54. Saarang Kaushik - Aditi Wadhera Vs. Vivek Kumar Wadhera

  55. Sakshi Nigam, Shrely Sinha - Child Labour And Trfficking: Killer Of Dreams

  56. Sangeeta Basu - The Concept And Practice Of Collective Ministerial Responsibility In India

  57. Saumitra Sharma - The Curious Case Of Online Streaming And Its Regulation

  58. Shardul R Chouhan - A Relook At The Statutory Authority Defence: R V Pease (1832)

  59. Shashwat Srivastava - Enforcement And Recognition Of Foreign Anti-Suit Injunctions By Indian Courts – A Known But Less Travelled Road

  60. Shivani S P - Babasaheb Ambedkar: The Economist

  61. Shivani - Prostitution: Laws And Rights In India

  62. Shreya Sawant - Inadequacy Of Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1954 - Amendment Indispensable

  63. Shrirang Ashtaputre, Sanjana Kulkarni - Unraveling The Nature Of The Right To Protest In India

  64. Somya Jain  - Right To Health- A Stroke To Covid-19

  65. Sonal Gupta , Sidhant Singh - Implementation Of Categorical Imperative By Judiciary

  66. Sumedh Kamble - Money In Politics

  67. Tanvi Aggarwal - Judiciary: Observer And Inspector Of Good Governance

  68. Tanya Saxena, Ritik Tenguria - Self-Acquired But Not Self-Controlled

  69. Tanya, Aastha Roy - Violations Against Women - A Constant Climate Of Fear

  70. Tharun Rana Vuyyuru - Skewed Balance Of Justice: Locus Of Preventive Detention Laws And Right To Counsel In Contemporary Indian Legal System And The Way Forward

  71. Theresa Ann Joseph - The Indian Adaptation Of The ‘New Public Management Theory’; Articulation Of A Pristine Paradigm

  72. Uditanshu Misra, Ujjwal Mani - A Trenchant Analysis Of The Parliamentary Form Of Government With Special Reference To India

  73. Vignesh - Right To Choice In Marriage

  74. Vikash Kumar - Regulation Of Prostitution In India- A Constitutional Obligation Of The State

  75. Waseem Akaram - Educational Status Of Linguistic Minorities In India

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