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Volume 1, Issue 2

December 2020

  1. Aarushi Mehta- A Comparison of Laws and Jurisprudence on ‘Obscenity’ In India, The US and The UK

  2. Abhinav Goswami, Divya Srivastava- Democratic Governance and Information Society: A Brief Overview

  3. Adithi Rajesh- The Legality of Online Classes: Child Rights and The Right To Education

  4. Ani Kumar- Interpretation of Public Policy in the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996: Before and After 2015 Amendment

  5. Avantika Rajawat- Child Abuse and Pornography

  6. Chandrendu Chattopadhyay- A Paper on the Feasibility of Prenuptial Agreements in India

  7. Darsan Guruvayurappan- Administrative Law and Good Governance: Towards a Coherent Decision Making Framework

  8. Debarati Mukherjee- Admissibility of Extra Judicial Confessions

  9. Debmallya Sinha- Stormy Tides of Saffron Wave: Rise of Hindutva in the 21st Century

  10. Deepika Nandagudi Srinivasa, Aroonima Anup- The Pandemic and the Privacy Pandemonium: A Case Study of the Aarogya Setu Application

  11. Devansh Garg- Vineeta Sharma v. Rakesh Sharma & Ors: Retroactive Effect of 2005 Amendment on Section 6 of The Hindu Succession Act, 1956

  12. Devanshi Vyas- Violent Protest in Constitutional Democracy

  13. Dipti Jain- Miscarriage: Not of Child, But of Justice!!

  14. Eswarachari Karthik- Rights of Women and Surrogacy: A Study of Reproductive Freedom

  15. Gaurav Purohit- Human Rights Violation in Syria

  16. Harsh Dixit, Sahil Varshney- Relevance of Customs Under Modern Hindu Law

  17. Huzan Bhumgara- Right to Love – An Idea Gathering Dust?

  18. Ishwita Mondal- Conversion of Religion for Marriage in Islam

  19. Jaya Singh- Custodial Deaths: Legal Perspective

  20. Jitendra Kumar, Jutirani Talukdar- Corporate Governance and Role of Directors

  21. Kamna Sagar- Recognition of Democracy, State and Future of Democracy in India: Dr. Ambedkar’s Views

  22. Kanika Birje- A Critical Analysis of the Use of DNA Technology in Paternity Disputes

  23. Kapil Devnani- Reservation System in India: From the Perspective of the 103rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 2019

  24. Kriti Ramudamu- India’s Role as a Welfare State in Light of Corona Virus Pandemic

  25. Kushagra Sharma, Ashish Ranjan- Study on Article 21 of the Constitution of India

  26. Lakshay Kumar- Role of the Magistrate in Criminal Proceedings

  27. Madhuparna Ray- Analysis of the Fundamental Right to Equality Before Law

  28. Mouli Kaushal Jain- Artificial Insemination: Legal and Ethical Issues

  29. N. Pradhan- The State of Madhya Pradesh & Ors versus Bherulal

  30. Nagakishan V J- Musk in India – A Success Story in the Making

  31. Nguyễn Mậu Hùng: The Capacity to Train High-Quality Human Resources of Vietnam’s Current Higher Education System to Meet the Growing Needs of the Labor Market

  32. Nishtha Ms Bajpai- Environment, Sustainable Development and Local Self-Government: Three Levelheaded Pillars of Future We Want

  33. Nitesh Mahech, Pankhuri Bhatnagar- Environmental Justice in India amid Covid-19 Pandemic: Necessity for a Sustainable Future??

  34. Noyonika Kar- Limitations of Principles of Natural Justice in Terms of Disciplinary Actions against Employees

  35. Padmavathy Nehru- Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Labour Laws in India

  36. Pallavi Gupta- Extent of Copyright Protection to Computer Software

  37. Paras Sharma- A Jural Analysis of Medical Negligence in the Era of Consumer Protection

  38. Paras Sharma- Force Majeure in the Katzenjammer of COVID-19

  39. Pranshu Gupta- Notions of Indian Secularism: Where do we lie?

  40. Pritha Chatterjee- Decoding Force Majeure Clauses

  41. Priya Singh- Fake News, Social Media and Role of Judiciary

  42. Priyanka Bajpai, Tanisha Prashant- Analysing the Scope of Virtual Court Hearings in India

  43. Rayman Kaur- Contempt or Free Speech: Critiquing the Judicature

  44. Riya Luhadia, Gagan Sharma- Daughter’s Right on Father’s Self Acquired Property

  45. Sahaj Mathur- Constitutional Conventions and Courts: How can Constitutional Conventions be enforced in India?

  46. Satvik Mishra- Startup-India: Would it help the Economy ‘Start Up’ Post the COVID-19 Pandemic?

  47. Saurabh Sinha- Good Governance, Corruption Free Administration and Transparency: An Appraisal

  48. Sayali Masram- Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code- A Paradigm Shift

  49. Shailendra Shukla- Judicial Constitutionalism, the Indian Judiciary and the Way Forward

  50. Shardul R Chouhan- Trademark Evolution: The Case of Day v Day, Day and Martin (1816)

  51. Sharlin Puppa- Modernization of Land Records under Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP): Infrastructure Law

  52. Shivangi Mishra: Safeguarding Environmental Equilibrium through Distinct Legal Recognition

  53. Shivani Biju: Displacement of Tribals in India: A Case Study of Polavaram Dam Project

  54. Shivani Singh, Nidhi Binha- Legal Framework for Protection of Trade Secret: IP’s Underdog

  55. Shreepurna Dasgupta- The Need for Reservation in India: An Analysis

  56. Shreya Kaul- Mental Healthcare Law in India: A Sailing Ship or a Sinking Lifeboat?

  57. Siddhart Behera- Protection of Workers in Unorganized Sectors - A Critique of Unorganised Workers Social Security Act, 2008

  58. Sourav Reddy Dodda- Doctrine of Separation of Powers in India

  59. Srishti Nigam, Snehil Ajmera- Reforming Administrative Law through CBI in India

  60. Sudhansu Tuti- Changing Scenario of Public Sector Undertakings in India with Relation to Administrative Law

  61. Sunakshi Agarwal, Sarabjit Kaur- Rights of the Dead: Last Rites in the COVID-19 Pandemic in India

  62. Tanya Vashistha- Use of Force in International Law

  63. V. Krishna Laasya- Climate Change vis-à-vis Corporate Social Responsibility: An Accord based Equation or a Matter of Lacuna in Efficacy?

  64. Vaibhav Chaudhari- An Analysis of the IMA Ponzi Scheme

  65. Vaibhavi Chaturvedi- Censorship on Video Games: Timepass or Mania?

  66. Vrinda Agrawal- Role of GST and its Implication in Indian Economy

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