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Volume 2, Issue 1

March 2021

  1. Aanjul Dalela, Sidharth Pramod - Should Distribution of Art/Literature be Restricted by the Morality of a Community and its Standards for Obscenity?

  2. Adithya R - Copyrightability of AI Generated Works: A Critical Analysis

  3. Aditya Vijay Chindaliya - Refugee Crisis in India and CAA

  4. Ankita Bohidar - Role of National Pension Scheme as a Tax Deduction Instrument

  5. Apurva Kriti, Arpita Tripathy, Ayushi Pathy, Bhaswati Goldar, Chinmayee Nayak - Role of Capital Market Regulator in Development of Capital Market in an Emerging Economy like India

  6. Arushi Anand - Law and Economics: The Study and Interplay of both for Better Administration, Governance and Effectiveness of Different Areas of Law

  7. Ashana Mansata - Collegium v. NJAC: Re-Evaluating Judicial Appointments

  8. Ashik S. - Tenth Schedule: Democracy for Sale

  9. Ashwin Singh - Access to Justice in times of COVID-19

  10. Ayush Negi - Right against Self-Incrimination and Right to Privacy in the Context of Personal Gadgets in the Present Digital Era

  11. M Balaji - Constitutionality of CBI: An Analysis

  12. Chandrendu Chattopadhyay - A Paper on the Need for Laws dealing with the Internet in India

  13. Madhuparna Ray - Applicability of Customs in Indian Laws

  14. Maram Deepika - Examining the Factors which affect Truth and prevent Justice from prevailing in John Grisham’s Novel ‘The Guardians’

  15. Meher Davis - Legal Barriers to Medical Tourism in India

  16. Mekala Satwika Reddy - Equality and Unity: A Critical Analysis of the Legal Aspect in the Novel Kim

  17. Muskan Jain – Frauds: Classification and Reporting in Commercial Banks vis-à-vis Urban Cooperative Banks

  18. Namrata Chakraborty, Himanshu Anand - Balancing the Rights of Victim and Accused in an Adversarial Criminal Justice Administration - A Critical Analysis in light of Current Indian Scenario

  19. Namrata Chakraborty, Reshma Renu, Sonakshi Kumar - Battle of Individual Autonomy, Euthanasia and Lawlessness: A Comparative Study with Reference to India, Netherlands and Australia

  20. Neha Datta - Assignment on Right to Privacy under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution

  21. Nguyễn Mậu Hùng - The Prospects of Building Vietnam’s Central Region according to the Model of Green Growth and Sustainable Development in the Context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

  22. Piyush Katyal, Shrestha Roy - Scope of Dying Declaration & Admissibility of Suicide Note under Section 32 of the IEA

  23. Prakhar Swarup - Role of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation: An Indian Perspective

  24. Pranjal Mishra - Striking a balance between Right to Protest and Other Fundamental Rights

  25. Pratik Maitra - Khap Panchayat and Inter-Caste Marriage

  26. Pratik Maitra - Re Polemis Case (1921) 3 KB 560: Critical Appraisal

  27. Pratik Maitra - A Critical Analysis of the Social Aspect in Light in August

  28. Rama Priyadarshini Padhy & Maryada Dwibedi - Indian Administrative Response towards COVID-19

  29. Riddhi Kashyap - Economic Torts in Sodan Singh v. New Delhi Municipal Committee: A Critical Analysis

  30. Ritanshi Jain, Ankur Gupta - Gram Sabha: A Milestone for Rural Development

  31. Ruchi Sharma, Dr. G.K. Sharma - Surrogacy Bill 2020: An Analysis

  32. Sayani Banerjee - Pallavi Refractories v. M/S Singareni Collieries Co. Ltd. and the Limits of Delegated Legislation

  33. Shejal Harichandan - Doctrine of Territorial Nexius: An Analysis

  34. Shivani Bisht - Legal Framework of Patent Arbitration: A Comparative Perspective

  35. Shrinkhala Singh - The Differential Metamorphosis of Article 15

  36. Sonal Gupta, Shivani Khareedi - Criminal Justice System in India: Need for Reforms

  37. Stuti Bisht - State Information Commission

  38. Mohd. Suboor, Aisha Ali - Recognizing the Unrecognized: Unravelling the Discussion on Transgenders

  39. Sushree Sunanda Sahu - The Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015

  40. S. Shweta Sai - Rights of Children of Incarcerated Parents

  41. Vaishnav Arun Kumar - Inclusion of Religion in Political Campaigns in the US and India

  42. Vernika Semwal - Sedition vis-à-vis Freedom of Speech and Dissent

  43. Yashvardhan Bansal - Plight of Migrant Labourers in India during COVID-19 Pandemic: Adverse Role of Fake News analysed in Alakh Alok Srivastava Case

  44. Nimita Aksa Pradeep - Doctrine of Proportionality in Indian Administrative Law

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