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Volume 2, Issue 3
September 2021

  1. Aarya Srivastava - Legalization of Sex Work: The Challenges of Intersectionality in India

  2. Ajay Pal Singh - Constitution of India-A Living Document: Summary Examination

  3. Akash Chaudhary - The Unravelling of Impediments to Right to Information by The Sentinel of Rights

  4. Akshay Sagar - Pharmaceutical Patenting and Difficulty in Access to Public Healthcare in India

  5. Anshit Aggarwal - Veklury Remdesivir and It’s IPR Management

  6. Anushka Ukrani - Commercial Surrogacy in India: An Analysis of the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2020

  7. Aryan Sinha - Doctrine of Separation of Powers: Indian Perspective

  8. Beenu Ken - Software Per Se Vs. Software Invention: An Analysis on Software Patentability in India

  9. Bhupinder Singh Yadav - COVID 19 And Violence Against Women- A Pandemic within a Pandemic

  10. Binoosha Benoy K - Who Judges Judges? –The Need for Judicial Reform in India

  11. Divya Soni - Hybrid Culture as The New Reality

  12. Dr. Arti - Contemporary Issues of Intellectual Property Rights in The Digital Era

  13. Mohd Faiz Khan and Syed Umam Fatima - Protection of Human Rights: Interplay between International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law

  14. Girisha Meena - Analysis of Anti Human Trafficking Laws and Regulations in India

  15. Himja Singh - The Evolution of International Court of Justice

  16. Kunal Kumar - “Securing the Future” An Analysis of Laws on Child Pornography and The Need for Model Legislation

  17. M.S. Mouleedari - The Unsustainability of Hydro-Electric Power Generators and its Effect on the Environment

  18. Manvee Sharma - Learning Lessons from Raj Dharma: The Concept of Good Governance

  19. Mini. S - Analysis of Data Protection Laws

  20. Nilava Nandi - Dissecting “Sexual Harassment” and “Workplace” in Posh: An Interesting Interpretation

  21. Nivedita - Issues Involving Big Data Under the Indian Competition Law Regime

  22. Ojasvi Guptaa - A Study on the Emergence of Right to Social Justice and Economic Empowerment in the Indian Constitutional Jurisprudence

  23. Pathi Hrudaya Reddy - Analysis of Rule of Law in Herman Melville’s ‘Billy Budd’

  24. Pavan Kumar. R - India's Risk-Based Tax Audits and the Evolution to Risk Management

  25. Prashansa Baluapuri - The Pre-Legislative Consultation Process

  26. Prateek - ‘Centralised Federalism’: An Analysis of India’s Federal Structure

  27. Sabari Deeksha Choudary. A - Principles of Natural Justice in the Light of Administrative Law: A Critical Analysis

  28. G. Ajay Raj and Santhosh V - Treatment of Persons with Disabilities Under the Indian Criminal Justice System

  29. Sohom Nandi - Restitution of Conjugal Rights Vs the Fundamental Rights Enshrined in the Indian Constitution

  30. Subham Banerjee and Deblina Banerjee - Cyber Law: Approach to Prevent Cyber Crimes

  31. Sukanya Bhat - Emergency Provisions in The Indian Constitution

  32. Swarnim Sharan - Judicial Review: Different Nations Perspective

  33. Nilava Nandi - A Diagrammatic Representation of New Wage Code 2020: Illustrated Critically

  34. Prashant Kumar and Shashank Shekhar Kunwar - Mob Lynching: A Threats for Indian Society

  35. Sakshi Verma - Racial Discrimination Faced by People of Northeast and the Current Legal Framework: Especially in Relation to Covid Times

  36. Khushi Kerur and Kush Khandelwal - An Exploration of the Law, Rules, and Cases in India for the Disabled at Workplace

  37. Tushar Kapoor - Law Related to Bankers and Customers Relation in India

  38. Mishra Raj Sekhar - Power of Sebi to Adjudicate

  39. Shriparna Jindal - The Executive Power to Pardon: Dilemmas of the Constitutional Discourse

  40. Keerti Singh - Gender Equality vis-à-vis Right to Sexual Orientation

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