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Volume 3, Issue 1
March 2022

  1. Kartik Agrawal - A Decade after Selvi

  2. Ayush Goel - The doctrine of Judicial Review and its Rule of law in the Interpretation of Indian Constitution”

  3. Shakti Gayatri Panda - Lokpal-an Indispensable Institution for Establishment of Corruption free India

  4. Vishakha Nandin - Protecting the Rights of Unorganised Sector in India: Issues and Challenges

  5. Garima Somani and Divyanshi Pathak - Blockchain and Bitcoin: The legal Dynamics of Cryptocurrency

  6. Ananya Sharma - Analysis on the Efficiency of Commissions of Inquiry in Exposing Scams in India

  7. Banoth Mythily Meera Naik - Will Under Muslim Law and Indian Succession Act: A Critical Analysis

  8. Vivek Goyal - The Impact of Media Trial on Rights of Accused

  9. Ishika Mundhra - The Relevance of "Animal Farm" to the Present Day Politics

  10. Muffliha Sadaf - Actus Dei Nemini Facit Injuriam

  11. Disha Mazumdar - Importance of ethics in the field of AI Arbitration

  12. Ananya Mishra - Direct v. Indirect Election: A Critical Analysis of Impact of Direct and Indirect Elections on Democracy

  13. Rani Supriya - Evaluating Existing Cyber Crime Policies: Do They Suffice in Today’s World?

  14. Suman Saha - Insurance Companies and Their Impact on Economic Development

  15. Muskan Singh Bankura & Vedic Mangal Agarwal - Uniform Civil Code

  16. Sanya Kapoor - A Critical Analysis of Accounting Frauds in India

  17. Sanjana Ratkal - Critical Analysis of Hostile Witnesses

  18. A. Jonah Elisa Shiny - Leadership Styles in World Politics Today with Reference To Canada, Australia and South Africa

  19. Sonika Bisht - Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971

  20. Somnath Paul & Nilava Nandi - Importance of Longitudinal Study During Remediation in Anti-Money Laundering Forensic Investigations

  21. Aarushi Tomar – LGBTQ + Community’s Right to Marriage and Adoption: Need for Legislative Reforms

  22. Kunjal Sarda - Racial Discrimination in The Legal System: A Dissertation on The Movie the Trial of Chicago 7

  23. Muffliha Sadaf - Defamation is the Publication of A Statement

  24. Ms. Rabab Khan - United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child Vis-À-Vis Child In Conflict With Law In India: An Appraisal

  25. Rupesh R - Role of Administrative Law In The Age Of Privatization

  26. Rhea Banerjee - Necrophilia- An Unseen Form of Unnatural Offence Under Section 377 of the IPC

  27. Ananya Mishra - Direct v. Indirect Election: A Critical Analysis Of Impact Of Direct And Indirect Elections On Democracy

  28. Shewani Gupta - Provision of paid paternity leave in India: Detangling patriarchal norms

  29. Diya Malik - Spam and its position in India: An analysis

  30. Sangeeta Chakravarty - Feminist Justice in The Context of Sabrimala Case

  31. Divya Singh - Examining the diluted federal spirit of the RTI Act through the 2019 Amendment.

  32. Gurneet Singh Bhudhiraja - Evolution of Ninth Schedule with respect to I.R Coelho Judgement

  33. Riya Bhandari - Dowry deaths in India: A boon and A bane

  34. Divya Bhargava - Developing concept of citizenship in India: Issues and Challenges

  35. Gururaj Devarhubli - A Socio-Legal Analysis on the Working of the Constitution of India in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic

  36. Mansing Dhondiram Bisure - World Constitution and future of Human Rights

  37. Anand Vaijanath Kambale - Health laws and Ethics

  38. Varshita Girish - Protection of Civil Servants under Indian Constitution: An Analysis

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