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Volume 2, Issue 2
June 2021

  1. Sagarnil Ghosh - The Notion Of Poison Pills, The Manoeuvre To Shield A Company From Hostile Takeover Attempts

  2. Yash Dhawan - Transparency And Accountability In Public Administration: The Pillars Of Right To Information 

  3. Harshita Kapoor & Adarsh Kumar  - Surendra Koli V. State Of Uttar Pradesh

  4. Vivek Ranaut - Human Rights Abuse of Rohingyas In Myanmar And International Response 

  5. Harshita Kapoor & Adarsh Kumar - The Third Gender And Transforming The Workplace In India 

  6. Vidhi Sharma - Political Instability And Women’s Oppression In Afghanistan In Khaled Hossieni’s A Thousand Splendid Suns

  7. Sweta Sapar    - Revised Role Of Independent Directors In The Framework For Scheme Or Arrangement By Listed Entities: Are They Equpped?

  8. Abhilasha Vatsal - A Book Review On Susan Perry & Claudia Roda’s “Human Rights And Digital Technology”

  9. Preeti Shaw - Advertising Industry V Freedom Of Speech: Navigating The Slippery Slopes Of A Developing Jurisprudence

  10. Shashank Khati  - Fake News: Misinformation And Disinformation During The Pandemic Of COVID-19

  11. Prabhat Shankar & Priya Ranjan - Separation Of Power: A Means To Constitutionalism

  12. Saumya Baranwal - Freedom Of Press In Disintegrated Society

  13. Sravani K - Indigenous People’s Rights And Renewable Energy Projects In International Context 

  14. Sarthak Arora & Gaayan Arora - Freedom Of Religion In India: An Analysis

  15. Saranya Unni R - An Analysis Into The Evolution And Details Of 74th Amendment Act 

  16. Anindita Saha - The Role Of Nyay Panchayat In The Justice Delivery System In India 

  17. Somesh Sharma & Rishank Tiwari - The Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005: A Sketchy Success 

  18. Reenu Rana & Parul Singh - Legal Issues in Cyber Security In India

  19. Pragya Rathi - Prioritizing Renewable Energy In India: Progress And Prospects

  20. Radhika Dwivedi & Geetika Vyas - Freedom Of Speech Versus Fake News: A Comparative Between India And United Kingdom

  21. Raashi Agarwal - Constitutionalizing Administrative Law In The Indian Supreme Court: Fundamental Rights & Natural Justice

  22. Priyanka Bhattacharyya - Cross Border Mergers- A Precis of Recent Development 

  23. Prabhat Singh - Analysis Of The Tribunals Reforms (Rationalisation And Conditions Of Service) Ordinance, 2021

  24. Pradeep Gulrajani - Regulation Of Combinations In India 

  25. Parthik Choudhury - Critical Analysis Of Donoghue V Stevenson (1932) A.C. 562

  26. Muskaan Khanna & Jeshica Saluja - Digital Diplomacy: In The Light Of Machiavellian Paradigm Of Statecraft, Global Governance And Foreign Policy

  27. Nivethithaa.S - An Analysis On Law Of Adverse Possession In India 

  28. Mitul Singh Thakur - Territorial Sovereignty: Media Shutdown In Kashmir V Article 19 of ICCPR

  29. Mitul Singh Thakur - Pendency Of Cases In Supreme Court: Reasons And Recommendations

  30. Nilava Nandi & Somnath Paul - Disciplinary Proceedings in Investigative Cases

  31. Harshul Gupta - Scope of Artificial Intelligence as a Judge in Judicial Sector

  32. Garima Ojha, Ilina Peehu - Examining Wills under Hindu and Muslim Law through a Comparative Lens

  33. Anshuman Choudhury - Difference between Bailment and Pledge

  34. Maitry Bhandari - Facets of Indian Journalism: Glory, Blemishes and Regulations

  35. Anjali Soam - Holistic Study on Genetically Engineered Crops: An Indian Perspective

  36. Akshata Ramesh - Principles of Natural Justice (PNJ): Analyzing the Case of Union of India v. Sanjay Jethi, (2013) 16 SCC 116 (India)

  37. Edgar. K: Administrative Law - The Guardian Angel of Ideal Governance

  38. Sandeep Kaur - Impact of Corruption on Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption Mechanism to Combat Corruption in India

  39. Akshat Mittal - Interpretation of Delegated Legislation in the Light of Reserve Bank of India v. Peerless General Finance

  40. Ankita Singh - Judiciary - Protecting the Rights of the Citizen during Covid-19 Pandemic

  41. Vikash Kumar - Legal Validity of India Decision on the Ban of Chinese Apps

  42. Aishwarya Agarwal - Terrorism as a Crime in Different Countries

  43. Animesh Srivastava & Sarvesh Kasaudhan - Media Trial in Democracy

  44. Jayanta Boruah - Interpreting Offences against Nature as Offences against Women and Vice Versa: An Analysis of Ecofeminist Arguments against Capitalist Patriarchy

  45. Rachit Sharma - Online Dispute Resolution for Consumer Grievances

  46. Anjali Kumari - Public Administration- Meaning, Scope and its Nature

  47. Anindita Saha & Shashank Khati - Right to Privacy in a Context of Search and Seizure

  48. Janvi Vishnani & Vishal Patidar - The Question of Secularism

  49. Chetal Soni - Torts and Statutes- Jurisprudential Analysis

  50. Sejalsri Mukkavilli & Kiran Patel - Pre-eminence of the Executive in Preventive Detention Laws

  51. Karthiayani A. - Adoption by Same-Sex Couples: An Analysis of the Viability of Intercountry Adoption

  52. Juhi Senguttuvan & Saushriya Havelia - Performers Rights In India: A Critical Analysis Of Performers And Performance Under The Indian Copyright Act 1957

  53. Utpala Barman - Right to Healthy Environment and Role of Human Values in understanding Environment and Wetland Preservation

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